As per the latest figures published by the United States Census Bureau, the state of Idaho has a population of approximately 1,900,923 in July, 2021. 90.8% of the state’s population has a high school degree or higher.

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What Does a Paralegal Do?

A paralegal is basically a legal assistant to a lawyer. Responsibilities include assisting lawyers during court cases, coordinating office activity, preparing legal documents, meeting clients, analyzing legal data, and conducting research. Lawyers can choose to hire anyone as a paralegal as the U.S. law does not require any licensing or specific certification for paralegals.

Paralegal Programs in Idaho

While no specific education is required to become a paralegal, lawyers still prefer to hire aptly qualified individuals as their assistants. In addition to short courses and certifications, post baccalaureate and bachelor’s degrees are also available for people interested in becoming paralegals. The right educational credentials are very important if you want to work as a paralegal in the state of Idaho.

Paralegal Schools in Idaho

There are many Paralegal Schools in Boise that offer programs that make one eligible to work as a paralegal. Below is a list of some popular schools:

  • College of Eastern Idaho (Idaho Falls).
  • North Idaho College (Coeur d’Alene).
  • Idaho State University (Pocatello).
  • Lewis-Clark State College.

Duration to Become a Paralegal in Idaho

To work as a paralegal in the state of Idaho, you have to spend quite a lot of time getting the right educational, training, and certification credentials. All in all, it can take you between 4 – 7 years to start working as a paralegal in Idaho.

Career Outlook

According to O*Net Online, paralegals and legal assistants employed in Idaho will experience a 10% growth in employment opportunities from 2018 and 2028. Below is a list of the five US states with the highest employment level for paralegals, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career Outlook in Idaho

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Salary of Paralegals in Idaho

Once you acquire the necessary education from a paralegal school in Idaho, you will be eligible for many positions in this field. You can possibly work in a law firm or as a lawyer’s assistant. Corporations also hire experienced paralegals to work as legal advisors. The mean annual wage of paralegals and legal assistants was $49,830 in 2020 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salary of Paralegals in Idaho

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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