Obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice will enable you to work in challenging positions in a number of fields, including juvenile justice, courts, corrections and law enforcement.

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If you have made up your mind about joining the law enforcement field, then you might find this article useful. Go ahead and read this informative guide about the Top Criminal Justice Degrees in Fort Worth.

Top Criminal Justice Degrees in Fort Worth

The following well-reputed schools are offering a number of programs related to Criminal Justice and Criminology.

1) The Texas Christian University

The university offers the following degrees:

    • Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Criminal Justice

This degree requires completion of 124 semester hours. It covers modules like Courts and Judicial Process, Federal Law Enforcement, Community Corrections and Juvenile Delinquency.

    • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Criminal Justice

The 2-year program covers topics like Policing, Criminal Justice Systems, White-Collar Crime and Advanced Criminological Theory.

2) The Texas Wesleyan University

The university offers the following program.

    • Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Criminal Justice

The 120-credit 4-year degree requires completion of a number of modules. Some of them include Forensic Sociology, Corporate Crime, Family Violence and Deviant Behavior.

  • The university also allows students to take Criminal Justice as a minor during their undergrad. The minor requires completion of 18 credits. The curriculum covers the following areas: Criminal and Forensic Procedure, Forensic Investigation and Contemporary Criminology.

3) The Tarrant County College

The college offers the following program:

    • Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) in Criminal Justice

The 60-credit program has an applied focus on Criminal Investigation, Court Systems and Practices and Correctional Systems and Practices.

4) The University of Texas at Arlington –Fort Worth Campus

The university offers the following program to the students:

  • Cohort Master of Arts (M.A) in Criminology and Criminal Justice
    • This is a 36-hour, non-thesis degree program that is offered exclusively at UTA Fort Worth. Students can complete the degree within 21 months. The cohort design enables program participants to network with other professionals who belong to their field.
    • The curriculum covers a depth of topics such as Ethics in Criminal Justice, Crime & Public Policy, Theoretical Criminology and Research Methods in Criminal Justice.

5) The Remington College

The Remington College is offering the following degrees:

    • Associate in Criminal Justice

The curriculum focuses on a range of modules such as Survey of Forensic Science, Security Management, Survey of Correctional Systems and Juvenile Justice System.

    • Bachelors in Criminal Justice

The course content includes topics like Criminal Justice Management, Forensic Psychology, Contemporary Corrections and Restorative Justice.

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