What Does an NSA Police Officer Do?

NSA stands for National Security Agency and is an intelligence agency within the US Department of Defense. NSA Police Officer is a uniformed officer who is responsible for providing security to the employees that work for NSA. It is their job to counter terrorism, protect NSA assets, and ensure critical incident management.

Career Description and Duties

A career as NSA Police Officer involves protecting all NSA buildings, resources, agency personnel, and equipment. NSA officers specific job responsibilities include

  • Patrolling NSA property and enforcing rules and regulations related to the protection of NSA assets.
  • Manage firearms training for the new recruits.
  • Participate in counterterrorism activities and critical incident management.
  • Response and mitigation of emergencies that include medical, security, and fire.
  • Security inspection of NSA vehicles, buildings, and materials.
  • Vehicular and pedestrian access control

Education & Career Info

Education RequiredAssociate’s Degree
Training RequiredShort-term on the job training
Key SkillsPhysical fitness, critical thinking, negotiation, trained to use firearms and self defense
Job Growth (2020-2030)7%
Average Mean Salary (2021)$70,750 per year (Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020) and O*Net Online

Steps to Become NSA Police Officer

To work with the NSA, it is important to have a valid driver’s license and hold US citizenship. The NSA police officer is part of the police force of the National Security Agency. It is their job to manage law enforcement within the NSA and provide a secure environment. Below are the requirements to become an NSA Police Officer.

1. Meet the Basic Requirements

  • Obtain a minimum high school diploma or GED. It is recommended though to get at least an associate’s degree in criminal justice or a related field.
  • Must be US citizen
  • Hold state issued valid driver’s license.
  • Applicants must possess at least two years of relevant work experience or internship.

2. Meet Additional Requirements

  • The applicant must pass Federal Special Background Investigation.
  • Pass physical examination that includes a 300-meter sprint, 1.5-mile run, pushups, and sit-ups.
  • Willingness to work in adverse conditions, outdoor, during the holidays, and in dangerous conditions.
  • Must have at least 20/125 visual acuity without correctional lenses. With corrective lenses it must be 20/20.

3. Applying for Position as NSA Police Officer

• The hiring process is quite lengthy, and it takes six months to just review the application. The application process for this position is the longest in any law enforcement department.
• Once the application has been approved it takes additional two months at least to corroborate background and employment history.
• The interview session is quite tough and intense.
• During the interview, candidates are subjected to random drug testing and polygraph exam.

4. Getting Hired and Training

These are involved in upholding and enforcing the law through adjudication processes. They are required to objectively determine the guilt of offenders and accordingly hand them over to the penal system.

NSA Police Officer Salary and Career Outlook

Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers earn an average annual salary of $ 70,750, according to the 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the United States. O*Net Online forecasts 7% increase in employment opportunities for this occupation in the US. At NSA, career advancement opportunities continue throughout and advancement into senior positions depend on training and work performance.