If the idea of working in the police force or in a local or state level law enforcement agency sounds exciting to you, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find all the information about the right criminal justice school in Dallas for you.

Featured Programs and Schools

The Dallas Baptist University

The Dallas Baptist University offers a Criminal Justice major that gives students knowledge about the criminal activities in the US. It prepares students to start their careers in fields like judicial system, homeland and organizational security, juvenile justice and organizational security. The university also offers accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree program in criminal justice and leadership.

The University of Texas at Dallas

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Program at The University of Texas at Dallas offers multiple paths – BA in Criminology, Minor in Criminology, MS in Criminology and PhD in Criminology. It prepares students for a range of careers in the criminal justice system. Graduates of this program have had successful careers in law enforcement, child protective services, juvenile justice systems and as researchers, teachers, professors and lawyers. The faculty at The University of Texas at Dallas include leading scholars.

The University of North Texas at Dallas

The University of North Texas (UNT) School of Criminal Justice offers multiple programs for aspiring law enforcement officers. It offers a stellar Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice, which gives students the general knowledge about the scope of crime in America and teaches them about the criminal justice system, including the courts, law enforcement firms and corrections institutions. The degree offered by the UNT is an affordable option that provides personal attention at every step, with the help of a dedicated faculty. The university gives students a practical insight into the world of criminal justice through internships and workshops. After completing a criminal justice program from the UNT, students can find employment as police officers, correctional officers, federal agents, crime scene specialists and so on.

The Remington College

The Remington College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). It offers an associate’s degree which provides training in various components of criminal justice, security management and correctional systems. The coursework also covers topics such as crime scene investigation, forensic science, operations and ethics, forensic science and the basics of criminal law. To graduate from this program, students need a minimum of 92 credit hours, which would typically take 18 months to complete as a full-time student.

The Richland College

The Richland College is part of the Dallas County Community College District and is an institutional member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. The criminal justice program at the Richland College enables students to learn and observe the structural elements and the theoretical frameworks related to the criminal justice system in the US.

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