Becoming a part of the law enforcement industry in the US can be a very rewarding career path. If you are interested in fighting crime on the front lines, you might want to invest some time and effort in getting a criminal justice degree. The following list of the top criminal justice schools in Indianapolis might be of interest to you.

Featured Programs and Schools

The Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

The Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPU) offers multiple programs in criminal justice under its Paul H. O’Neil School of Public and Environmental Affairs. It offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in criminal justice. The undergraduate degrees include major options in Criminal Justice, Public Safety Management and Policy Studies. Graduate degree options include a Master of Public Affairs, Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Public Safety and multiple Certificate options. Students enrolled in any of these programs are given a broad understanding of criminal justice techniques and research methods.

The Butler University

The Butler University offers a stellar criminal justice program that covers areas such as homeland security, transnational crime, criminology, law enforcement police, private security and criminal investigations etc. The university offers criminal justice programs under its College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Sociology and Criminology. Graduates of this program can find employment in a variety of setting including human services, social policy and the criminal justice system. They can also pursue advanced professional degrees in Sociology, Criminology, Criminal Justice and other related fields.

The University of Indianapolis

The University of Indianapolis has a Department of Criminal Justice that offers innovative tracks in CSI and Loss Prevention. The university also has a cadet training program and a professional certificate in asset protection and loss prevention. The prestigious faculty at UIndy is dedicated to providing individualized attention to help you develop a solid educational foundation. The programs at UIndy are community-focused, allowing students to get involved in community work in the form of internships and field work. The university offers a Criminal Justice Major and Child & Youth Programs Minor.

The University of Phoenix, Indianapolis

The University of Phoenix offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration program under its School of Public Administration. The 4-year long program helps students gain a strong foundation in the criminal justice field with a focus on the elements of criminal procedures, emergency management techniques, strategies for fighting organized crime and so on. The program is available in online and on-campus formats. The university also offers a Master of Science/Administration of Justice and Security Program, a Master of Public Administration Program and a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration.

The Martin University

The Martin University offers a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science and Law Enforcement Degree in Criminal Justice. This degree combines the study of law enforcement and criminal justice in a practical and creative manner. Students graduating from these programs may be able to find jobs in public safety, including front-line positions in state and local law enforcement agencies. Students can also pursue careers in federal law enforcement including the US Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the future after getting the necessary experience and credentials.

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