Forth Worth is one of the primary cities to pursue paralegal education. Being one of the largest cities of the United States, this Texan hub is bustling with business and employment opportunities. The paralegal schools in Fort Worth maintain a very balanced academic environment in multiethnic classrooms. There are many Paralegal schools in Forth Worth.

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Paralegal – Job Description

Paralegal education facilitates individuals to work under the leadership and tutelage of lawyers. Paralegals perform the following major duties:

  • Assist lawyers in their jobs.
  • Prepare documentation and paperwork.
  • Gather case facts.
  • Call all the parties related to the case and prepare them from depositions, meetings, and interviews.
  • Prepare case reports.

Process all reports to be used in trials and cases. The paralegal experts are in fact the arms and legs of the lawyers. This group of professionals enable the lawyers to concentrate on the case instead of being bogged down by the paperwork and documentation associated with cases.

Paralegal Education

The Fort Worth Paralegal Association (FWPA) is active in promoting paralegal education and discussing the issues involved with it. It is essential to study at Paralegal schools in Fort Worth Texas that are recognized by the FWPA.  Some of the best Paralegal schools in Fort Worth are:

  • Texas Wesleyan University.
  • Tarrant County College.

The online programs are also much sought after due to their flexibility and cheaper tuition fee. Rest assured you can find top notch education in Fort Worth, which will also increase the value of your resume.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Paralegal in Fort Worth?

The duration to become a paralegal in Fort Worth depends on the education you get and whether you opt for extra certifications or not. An associate’s degree will take you around four years and a bachelor’s degree will require another two year investment. All in all it will take you around 4 – 7 years to become a paralegal after high school education.

Career Outlook

As per the latest projections made by O*Net Online, paralegals and legal assistants in Texas will experience a 26% job growth between 2018 and 2028. This translates to about 3,700 new job openings in the state between 2018 and 2028.

Paralegal Salary in Fort Worth

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020, paralegals and legal assistants in Texas earned an annual mean salary of $57,020. Following is a list of the top paying US states for this particular occupation.

Paralegal Salary in Fort Worth

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics