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Boise is the capital city of the state of Idaho and is also the most populated city of this state. Boise is amongst the hundred most populated cities in the U.S. and is known for its bustling economy. The upward trend in the city’s economy make it an ideal workplace for paralegals.

Featured Programs and Schools

A paralegal is basically a legal assistant to a lawyer. Responsibilities include assisting lawyers during court cases, coordinating office activity, preparing legal documents, meeting clients, analyzing legal data and conducting research. Lawyers can choose to hire anyone as a paralegal as the U.S. law does not require any licensing or specific certification for paralegals.

While no specific education is required for becoming a paralegal, lawyers still prefer to hire aptly qualified individuals as their assistants. There are many Paralegal Schools in Boise that offer programs that make one eligible to work as a paralegal. In addition to short courses and certifications, post baccalaureate and bachelor’s degrees are also available for people interested in becoming paralegals.

Once you acquire the necessary education from a Paralegal School in Boise, you will be eligible for many positions in this field. You can possibly work in a law firm or as a lawyer’s assistant. Corporations also hire experienced paralegals to work as legal advisors. The median annual wage of paralegal and legal assistants was $46,990 in 2012 according to the O*NET.

Frequently Ask Question

Question: What recreational visits and trips do the Boise paralegal school offer?

Answer: Many of the Boise Paralegal Schools offer site trips and visits to resorts and picnic spots such as the iconic Boise River, One Capitol Center, The Aspen Lofts and Silver Lake. This all adds up to an invigorating educational experience for paralegal students in the capital of Idaho, United States.

Question: As I was going through paralegal programs in Boise Idaho, I came across the Bachelor in Paralegal program, can you give me a course outline?

Answer: There are many Paralegal programs in Boise Idaho that are currently available. These include certifications as well as Masters and Bachelors degrees. In Bachelor in Paralegal Studies you learn taking up loads of responsibilities in the legal field. The main coursework includes intro to paralegalism, law in contemporary society, law of business organizations, emerging technology and the legal environment, introduction to criminal law, and law of contracts.