As the name implies, emergency student loans exist for the sole purpose of aiding students in continuing their education in case of emergencies. Life is unpredictable, and unforeseen events may happen at anytime. These events may have a negative financial impact on your college education. You may end up with dwindling cash reserves and may be on the verge of leaving college. However, you may not be aware, but many colleges have funds set aside for such matters and their financial aid office is ready to provide an emergency student loan when needed.

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College Emergency Student Loans

In case of an emergency, first go to your college’s financial aid office and discuss your situation. Your college may grant you an emergency student loan usually under $1,000. You may be required to have a minimum GPA and be a full-time student. Moreover, you may also be required to give the invoices for the things you bought with the emergency money such as books, study-tour fees, etc. So, make sure not to spend the emergency loans on eating out or going back home for spring break; your need for an emergency loan should be genuine. If your college doesn’t have funds for handling emergencies, then you can also pursue private lenders that grant emergency loans for students.

Private Emergency Student Loans

Emergency loans for students are also provided by some financial organizations. After performing a check to ensure that the student is enrolled in a college, an emergency student loan may be approved quite quickly.Usually, there are no credit checks required for approval and dispersal of such loans. The interest rates are generally not that high on such loans, and the rate can be further reduced by giving an amount as collateral. Emergency loans are approved and dispersed very quickly; if you’ve a checking account, then the payment may be inside your account within 24 hours after approval. However, they’ve to be paid back quickly too, usually within 30 days, but some lenders may grant you a grace period for making arrangements for the funds.

Frequently Asked Question(s)


Q:How can I be eligible for emergency loans for students?

A:Emergency loans are designed for students who are in dire needs of funds to complete their education. Many schools have this option of emergency loans for students and you should take to your financial aid office in this regard. In addition to this you may also look for private loans but the interest rate on these will be higher.


Q:What options are available in emergency loans for college students and when should one consider taking them?

A:The only situation that qualifies for an emergency loan is if a student has for some reason run out of his previous financial aid and needs emergency funds to complete his remaining academic year. The first thing to do in such a situation is to first approach the school financial aid office, if they have the money to disperse as emergency loans they may grant it, but incase they don’t have the necessary funds or the student does not qualify for one due to other reasons, it is then time to consider taking out a private student loan. These loans are easy to get but very difficult and expensive to pay back. So needs must be carefully assessed and options researched before taking out a private student loan.


Q:Do private loans qualify as emergency loan for students?

A:Emergency loans are designed for students who are in dire needs of funds to continue their education. These students generally have some sort of financial assistance but when they run out of it then they require emergency funds. Private loans can be used be in such a situation to continue with the education.


Q:Do cosigners make emergency loans for students with bad credit easier to get?

A:Students who need an emergency loan to continue their education but have a bad credit history are definitely in a precarious situation. However if you have a cosigner for your loan that means you have a much greater chance of getting the loan approved. So if you have poor credit score you should defiantly look for a cosigner.


Q:Are emergency student loans bad credit available online?

A:I think you want to inquire whether students can get an emergency loan through the internet with a bad credit score. The answer to your question is yes. You can find emergency loans with a bad credit score but you will have to browse the web pages of various lenders so that you can get the best deal.


Q:If I have suddenly encountered a financial crisis while halfway through my degree program, can I apply for student emergency loans?

A:Yes, if you are dealing with some sort of unexpected financial crisis, and are unable to pay for your education, you can apply for student emergency loans. These loans are designed specifically for students who face financial issues and cannot afford education. Emergency student loans are usually funded by a school/college.


Q:Can you brief me about emergency college loans?

A:Emergency college loans are those loans that you might need instantly for an unforeseen event that took place, and left you in need for financial assistance. In case of such a situation, students need to consult their institute’s financial aid office and communicate the need. The institute may need documents that verify the need. Other than that private sources can also be checked.


Q:Who is eligible for emergency education loans?

A:Emergency education loans are available to students who have had some sort of financial mishap that will prevent them from completing their education. However keep in mind that these special funds are available to students who have had a medical emergency, not those who just did not plan adequately enough.


Q:How does one apply for uncertified student loans

A:Applying for uncertified student loans will require that you disclose your credit history. The lender will take a look at your previous credit history and then decide if you qualify for a loan or not. This is why you need to keep your credit history blemish free incase you get into a situation where getting an uncertified loan is a necessity. For uncertified loans the lender may also opt for demanding a co-signer so make sure you have someone to call upon in case the need arises.


Q:What are emergency bad credit student loans?

A:Emergency Bad credit student loans are offered by numerous institutions. These loans are basically given to students who undergo a financial crisis and are unable to pay for their education. Such loans require no strict credit checks. Each institute has its own application procedures and eligibility requirements for emergency student loans.


Q:Can I get emergency student loans no cosigner?

A:Yes you can definitely get emergency student loans that do not require a cosigner. Emergency student loans are meant for those who have met an unforeseen emergency which they could not have predicted. So you do not need to have a cosigner on your side in order to get funds through these loans.

Q:Can you tell me about the availability of emergency loans for students?

A:Emergency loans aid students in continuing their education in case any emergency arises in a student’s life. Unforeseen events can have negative impact on a student’s college education and the lack of finances may lead the student to leave college. However, colleges do keep a certain amount of fund aside to provide emergency student loan.