Many students interested in education programs need some Financial aid. The educational expenses include books and supplies, tuition and fees, room and board, etc. for education at a private school, college or university. Financial aid schemes include scholarships but student loans and grants are also popular part of financial aid packages.

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Concept of Education Grant

If you wish to enroll in a higher education program but are unable to meet the expenses, then you could apply for higher Education Grants. A higher education grant is given to an individual as a means of financial aid without requesting for refunding. Scholarships and grants are similar in this, but scholarships are given on the basis of merit (outstanding academic achievement) while grants are normally given for financial need. Every dollar helps, so whether grants are small or large, you should look forward to every grant opportunity. While awarding Education Grants, it is a matter of concern for the grant sponsor that the gift of free money will be used only for the approved higher education program. All that is required from you is to fulfill your educational course and build something on what you have gained.

Education Grants in Usa

Higher education grants are offered in USA by establishments like state and city governments, the federal government, community organizations, unions, colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations and maybe your own employer. Since grants are awarded to individuals needing financial aid, they are often designed for particular segments like disabled students, minority students, students enrolling in specific courses (like photography or technology or healthcare), students at a specific degree level in school and students from very poor families.

According to statistics quoted by the Foundation Center, these foundations and trusts exceed the number of 88,000 and allocate amounts of above $40 billion on annual basis. You could find information on foundations and trusts through subscription based directories. Students in post-secondary education institutions normally qualify for grants as issued by the government. There are some cases in which a part of government loan is forwarded as a grant to deserving students who need backing for their education plans.

Some Specific U.s. Education Grants:

The U.S. government offers grants like Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), new Academic Competitiveness Grant and Pell Grant. The bodies award federal grants for students who are aspiring to become teachers and students interested in a bachelor’s degree in math, engineering, science, or special foreign languages related to homeland security.

The Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and/or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) play a significant role in case of research grants involving human or animal subjects. Cultural or trade societies offer small grants if one meets the criteria. Daughters of deceased railroad employees for example are offered higher education grants by the John Edgar Thomson Foundation.

How to Apply for Grants:

A student interested in financial support must first access the U.S. Department of Education’s website and electronically submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A sum of $168 billion has been reserved for the students to aid in their college educations for the 2009-2010 academic year.

How Long Does It Take to Get Education Grants?

The time it takes for an education grant to be approved depends on the type of grant you apply to. Federal grants usually take the least amount of time to receive. A wait of 3 to 6 months is normal for grants from a federal agency. For a corporate grant, you might have to wait for up to 6 months as well. However, for a foundation grant, you will have to wait up to a year to find out if your grant was approved or not. If you do not get a response within this timeline, you can always contact the relevant agency and inquire about the status of your grant.

What Are the Requirements to Get an Education Grant?

The requirements to get grants vary depending on whether they are corporate or federal grants. Generally, however, you are expected to meet the following conditions:

  • Complete the FAFSA application online
  • Be a U.S citizen
  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate program
  • Be at least a part-time student
  • Complete the FAFSA application online
  • Establish financial need

How Much Can I Get From an Education Grant?

Federal financial aid is awarded both on a need and non-need basis. Typically, your college tuition, your financial situation, and your year in college determine the amount you get as grant money. To calculate the money you require to graduate, federal agencies calculate your cost of attendance as well as your living expenses and money for books. Your family’s contribution will be subtracted from this to calculate your financial need. Undergraduate students could be awarded up to $12,500 in aid for an undergraduate program, though this amount is subject to variation.

Frequently Asked Question(s)


Q:Are there any USA Education grants offered by corporations?

A:Yes. Many renowned companies and corporations in the U.S. offer education grants. These are not to be paid back and therefore are a preferred financial aid.


Q:Where can I view the Mcafee Education Grant Application?

A:You can view the Mcafee Education Grant Application at our website.


Q:How do I apply for online education grants?

A:You can apply for online education grants by contacting the website of Department of Education of United States and submitting the online application for FAFSA (Federal Student Aid). There is a specific sum reserved for the financial aid of students each year, if you are eligible for it, you’ll get it in no time.


Q:While searching for education grants for online programs, I came across Pell Grants. Can you tell me something about it?

A:Among the top education grants for online programs, one is Pell Grants. Pell Grants is a requirement- based aid that is provided to the students of under graduation with low income. The grant provided depends on the student’s family contribution, student’s enrollment status, attendance cost, and the time the student acquires the education. Pell Grants are being offered directly to the student’s institutions in need to financial aid.


Q:How are education grants different from education loans?

A:Education grants are basically monetary gifts that help a student pay for education. These are offered by the government and also by a number of private organizations. The major benefit of grants is that they do not have to be paid back. On the other hand, loans are basically borrowed amounts of money. A student can borrow money from a bank and use it to pay for education. A loan is supposed to be paid back along with interest rates.


Q:Can I get grants for online education?

A:If you are pursuing online education that does not mean that you cannot avail grants given by the federal government and other sources. It is necessary however to have admission in an accredited institution and to be eligible for federal grants. Other than that, you need to comply with other eligibility requirements.


Q:Can I get grants online education?

A:There are plenty of grants that you can find on the internet. To begin with you should visit the website of the university you are applying to and look for scholarships there. These scholarships have various eligibility criteria like academic achievement and extracurricular activities. In addition to this you can also look for scholarships from private organizations.


Q:How can I get government education grants?

A:If you want to apply for an educational grant that comes from a government source you will have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). The information on this form will allow the government to gauge your financial need and give you an aid package accordingly.


Q:Are there only federal grants for education available or are there other options too?

A:Although it is true that federal grants contribute a significant portion to the free money that students can use for educational purposes, there are private grants available too. These grants are dispersed based on varied criteria such as academic performance, financial need, and extracurricular activities. There are also some grants available that are given on the basis of ethnicity and location.


Q:Can one find grants for online schooling?

A:Grants for online schooling are easily available. The grants offered by federal government and private institutions are not limited to on campus students only. For federal grants anyone can fill the FAFSA form available online and qualify for the grants that are given on need basis. The school that you are enrolled in may have their own grants package that can be checked out as well.

Q:Can you give me some information on how to apply grants for online education?

A:A certain amount of financial aid is reserved for students in every academic year. If you are interested in getting financial support you should first contact the U.S. Department of Education electronically, through its website. There, you will be required to submit a fee application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), to initiate the application process.

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