Firefighters are hardworking professionals with emotionally and physically draining jobs. These professionals are responsible for putting out fires using different types of equipment like water hoses, water pumps, and fire extinguishers.
This article will help you know more about how to become a firefighter in Oregon.

Should I Become a Firefighter in Oregon?

  • Education Required
  • Major Requirement
  • Licenses/Certifications
  • Experience/Training
  • Key Skills
  • Annual Mean Salary (2019) – National
  • Job Outlook (2018-28)
  • Annual Mean Salary (2019) – Oregon
  • High school diploma
  • Fire Science
  • EMT certification is required
  • On-the-job training
  • Problem-solving Skills, Courage, Physical Stamina, Decision-making Skills, Compassion, and Physical Strength
  • $54,650
  • 5%
  • $68,540

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2019)

Firefighting is a dangerous occupation that involves exposure to a lot of injuries and risks. Professionals working in this field encounter life-threatening situations such as collapsing walls and floors, overexposure to smoke, and traffic accidents. They are required to wear protective gear to lower the risk.

Career Outlook

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 5% increase in jobs predicted for firefighters. According to the predicted figure, the profession will be witnessing a fast growth from 2018-2028. Despite improved building codes and materials, their services will be needed in the future to handle emergencies.

Steps to Become a Firefighter in Oregon

Get a High School Diploma

Students have to get a high school diploma or GED to begin the process of becoming a firefighter. Fundamental subjects likewriting, reading, and English are taught during these programs. Students are also required to gain basic Emergency Medical Technical (EMT) certification. The certificate can be obtained through medical training.

Get a College Degree

A few aspiring firefighterschoose to get a college degree as well. Some of them get an associate’s degree while others opt for a bachelor’s program in firefighter-paramedic and fire science etc. Fire investigation analysis, strategy, and tactics, wildland firefighter, industrial fire safety, etc. are some of the courses taught during these programs.

Meet the Requirements

To become a firefighter, candidates have to pass a physical exam that examines their stamina, strength, and agility. They are required to pass a psychological exam as well. Candidates are also required to have volunteer experience as a firefighter.

Get Enrolled at a Fire Academy

Students have to get training at a fire academy where they get to learn various skills and tactics. This training program is a combination of classroom knowledge and practical learning. During this program, students learn different ways to fight fires, such as, by using chain saws, ladders, and axes, etc. Once this program is complete, they have to complete their probationary term as a firefighter.

Advance your Career

Firefighters can be promoted to better positions once they have the required exposure and knowledge. However, advanced positions require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Firefighter in Oregon?

Aspiring firefighters have to get a high school diploma or GED. Students who choose to get a college degree require more time than the rest. They are required to volunteer in firefighting activities and take the required physical and psychological exams. Once the candidates have met the requirements, they have to get trained at a fire academy before starting their probationary period.

What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Firefighter in Oregon?

Following are the requirements to become a firefighter in Oregon:

  • Obtain a high school diploma or GED
  • Be a US citizen
  • Have an EMT-Basic certification
  • Pass the psychological assessment and physical test
  • Have sound mental and physical health
  • Take part in volunteer firefighting activities
  • Have a valid driver’s license

How Much Can I Make After Becoming a Firefighter in Oregon?

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, firefighters working in Oregon were getting an annual mean salary of $68,540 in 2019.